Roche Locks Promotional Video by Whiteboard Company

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Is it time you reviewed your security?

Did you know that by not complying to your insurance requirements for security, it could make any claim null and void.

If you have to change your locks and you need spare keys, you don’t want to be going down to a heel bar then find they don’t work. Roche locks can cut new keys on site after fitting your new locks.

Many expensive items are stored in sheds and garages including tools that can be used to break into your property. Are yours adequately secured, do you even need a key?

Code locks or biometric locks eliminate the need for keys, all you need is a fingerprint. If you spend a lot of time away from your home, a grille might be a good idea to deter more determined burglars, and if someone does gain entry to a property and ensuring your valuables are secured in a secure safe, is an issue you should consider.

The answer to all of these problems is Roche locks – safety and security is their priority.

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